Opus Global Plc. has announced on Friday that Wamsler SE, owned 99.93% by Opus, signed an agreement with the National Economy Ministry for a nearly 1.8 billion financial support.

Opus Global announced today that Wamsler SE Household Equipment European Company, whose 99.93% of voting stock is owned by Opus Global, has concluded an agreement of financial support with the Economy Ministry regarding the project, launched by Wamsler SE and named as “Establishment of an intelligent manufacturing and innovation centre of Wamsler SE in order to increase efficiency and competitiveness".
The value of the financial support is nearly HUF 1.79 billion that is to be utilized by Wamsler SE to complete the project at the total value of HUF 3.572 billion.
The project includes the reorganization of the production process, the establishment of factories, the modernization of production equipment and capacity enhancement.
The share price of Opus rose nearly 3% to HUF 704 on Friday compared to Thursday’s closing price on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE).